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The early maps of the Western Reserve show the name of the area where Cortland is located as Leroy. This name existed for sometime in the early years and for part of the period up to 1856. The origin of this name is a mystery, and very little evidence of its use is found in the history books of the area. There is no significance to the name to the early settlers or to the original proprietors as far as can be determined. However, there is a township in Lake County, Ohio, with the same name. We know of no connection of these settlements to each other. In fact, only a token of information is found of the reference of the name of Leroy in regard to Bazetta Township.


The Settlement of the
Western Reserve From 

February, 1874, Western Reserve Chronicle

Honorable James A. Garfield
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Earliest Settlement from
Historical Collections of Bazetta Township    1983
Thomas J. Kachur
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Reminiscences written by



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