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The history of Bazetta is typical of many small communities in the Western Reserve and it is our hope that these stories help preserve that history.  


Memories are to be shared and enjoyed. They come back in our minds and lives to help us remember what happened yesterday or a long time ago. Sometimes memories are of people we know and things we have seen, but other times they are of stories which we have been told of things which happened before we were born.

Mary Case, 1995 

These are memories, some of them old and some rather new. They are a gift from many people who took the time to write or tell their stories because they thought they were worth remembering.

In 1989 Mary Case began collecting stories for her book Cortland – Bazetta
Remembered: Personal Reflections of Yesterday
. Many of the stories presented here are taken from her collection. Some Stories are from other sources. Some of the stories are from people who are no longer with us — except in memory — but they left a part of themselves in their stories.

Please Read and Enjoy!

  Leroy - the early years
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