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Bazetta in the Civil War

At least 160 men from Bazetta and Cortland served in the military during the Civil War. Gen. McCleery was one of several who fought at Shiloh. He lost a hand in the battle. Several died in the war and others spent time in the notorious Andersonville Prison.

The Lattin family, for whom a street in Cortland is named, sent 4 sons to war. Eugene died in Andersonville Prison. Two great grandsons of Enos Bacon fought side by side at Shiloh, Ft. Donaldson and Corinth, the Atlanta Campaign, Reseca, Dallas, and Nashville.  The 14th OVI in which they served, was the first onto the field at Shiloh.

In 2007 Karen Corbett collected information on the area's brave soldiers and compiled it in a binder for our records. The binder has been digitized and is avialable here for your  research.  View Document 

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